Tension Fabrics

Tension fabrics systems are an exciting way of displaying your image and information

Due to it’s lightweight design, graphics can be curved, hung, mounted to walls or even made into bespoke shapes and displays. In this system your marketing message will be hard to ignore.

The innovative tension fabric systems are a lightweight graphic display system which is almost limitless in size and is the perfect choice for a multitude of venues and applications.
This versatile system can be either single or double sided. Displays can be freestanding, fit into existing systems or even be wall or ceiling mounted.

They can also be LED illuminated which is ideal for darker inside areas or night time advertising. The systems are perfect for exhibition, retail or window displays. They are also great assets to any showrooms, reception or foyer areas in any sector.

Flat-faced tension fabric systems are made to bespoke sizes with fabric graphics that easily insert into the channel of the aluminium profile. This means that the graphics can be changed incredibly quickly and as often as required.

Recent Tension Fabrics Projects